Play Golf at Saratoga Lake Golf Club in Saratoga Springs, NY

Play Golf Saratoga Springs, NY

The Most Beautiful Golf Course in Saratoga Springs, NY

Saratoga Lake Golf Club is a par 72 public golf course in the heart of a lush forest, just 10 minutes from downtown Saratoga Springs. Visitors to our course love the 200 acres of hilly terrain with a stream running through the middle of the course. This is one of the most relaxing golf courses in upstate New York, and every round will take players past sparkling ponds and beautiful wetlands. The entire course layout boasts a natural, pristine feel, complete with thick strands of pines and hardwoods that make it an enjoyable place to play golf. Players love feeling like they're playing golf in the middle of a national forest. This is truly a must-play golf course in Saratoga Springs, NY. Don't forget before you start playing your 18 holes, to take a few practice shots at our driving range and practice facilities!

Here are a Few of Our Golf Course's Most Popular Holes:

On No. 1, a par-4 that plays at 349 yards from the back tees and 312 from the front, has a swath of wetlands that cross the fairway and split it in two. Be sure to lay up on your drive because it's difficult to carry the wet stuff on your first shot.

This is a course with intriguing and picturesque par-3s, like the 3rd, a shortie that measures 144 yards from the back and 128 from the front. The green is surrounded by a hilly area with woods to the right and the left.

The 8th hole, a par-4 measuring 320 from the back and 263 from the front, offers a challenging carry over a pond just off the tee. You're actually on an elevated tee box hitting down over a pond. After crossing the pond, you need to go back up the fairway to the green. The fairway itself is mowed in the shape of an eight. 

On most of the holes on our back nine you'll find holes where very little earth was moved except to carve out bunkers and create the greens and tees. The fairways follow the natural layout of the rolling landscape.

Everyone's favorite is the 14th, a par-3, measuring 173 yards from the tips and 118 from the front. Again the tee box is on a hill and the green is far down below. You'll be hitting to a very large green and will be traveling through a tunnel of trees until you leave the hole.

Another par-3 on 17 (158 yards from the back and 108 from the front) takes you over a huge ravine to the green. You take your hit and head across a bridge to the other side of the rift and the green.

You'll finish up on an exciting par-5 (460 yards from the back and 337 from the front). It seems short, but you'll have to take your tee shot over wetlands to reach the fairway. Then it's uphill all the way to the green.


Score Card and Statistics

Our distances, ratings and slopes: black tees, 6,270 yards (71.6/121); white tees 5,823 yards (69.9/119); gold tees, 5,113 yards (men 66.9/116; women 71.5/127).

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