Saratoga Lake

Virtual Tour

Hole #1

Most of our par 4’s on the course are pretty short including this one but it plays long because of the layout. Get your target shooters on the tee to get a ball in play in front of the water hazard leaving 150 yards uphill to the green. Once you have a safe ball, break out the big guns and send it over. It is 230 yards to clear, but really it’s around 280 if you want a good lie, leaving you less than 100 yards from the pin. In a scramble, this will be an easy birdie.

Hole #2

This is the longest hole on the course measuring 574 yards from the back tees. If you can keep your driver in play use it…the extra distance will help on the second shot which would be a short layup to less than 150 yards to the green. If you choose an iron off the tee it will most likely be the same iron on the 2nd shot. I would not recommend trying for the green in 2 unless you know you have a safe ball in play, you could wind up in the bunker or worse…the woods. An eagle on this hole would win a skin and probably some money, a birdie is a great score on this hole.

Hole #3

Straight up Par 3. Watch out if the pin is in the back…it will play longer than it looks. Be wary of going long or right, then you will have downhill lie for a chip on to get it close to save par. Birdie is a must for a good scramble score.

Hole #4

Another short par 4 where a driver is not necessary off the tee, if you catch one good though with a driver you could end up just shy of the green…or in a bunker. The safe play is a long iron or wood off the tee to the left center of the fairway, it will you give the best shot into the green and you will only be 100 yards out. Once you have a safe ball, have your partners try and go for it. If you miss, miss left. If you are right of the fairway at all, good luck making par.

Hole #5

Another Par 3, with a bunker in the right front, trees on the left, right and rear. It is a must hit green or making par could be out of the question.

Hole #6

A Par 4 where you can go for the green after a teammate hits a safe shot inside the 150 Yard marker which will give you a great look at the green. A driver from the tee will require a fade or cutting the corner dangerously close to the tree line. A well placed second shot from the fairway will be an easy birdie. A good drive off the tee will be good for a putt or chip in for eagle or short putt for birdie.

Hole #7

If you need to make up some strokes these next 3 holes provide great scoring opportunity. A long drive with a slight draw will put you around the corner and around 180 yards out from the green but remember to add 15-20 yards to your shot as it is straight up a hill. Have your team lay up for the birdie opportunity and then send one up there for an eagle putt. Watch out for that hill…it is littered with bunkers and is a tough lie anywhere.

Hole #8

This is a drivable Par 4 that has seen 3 hole in ones but make sure you have a couple of safe shots in the fairway before you decide to grip it and rip it. If you spray it left or right you could wind up in the bunker or woods. A miss hit short and you could be in the pond. If you need to make up shots to keep your score low the eagle opportunity is there just make sure your team has a back-up plan or it could be a disaster.

Hole #9

The safe play for the iron hitters on your team is to put in on the left side of the fairway, anything to the right you won’t get a good look at the pin especially if is located on the right side of the green. A big hitter can go for the green here as well. I would try and stay left and go for the approach. Anything right you could clip a tree branch and end up in the drink! A second shot from the fairway will be 5-10 yards longer than what you think because of the uphill. An eagle here will win a skin and has before in previous events, a birdie will keep you in the game.

Hole #10

This is a short, dog leg left Par 4 with a water hazard just before the green. There is a large landing area for your shot off the tee but do not end up on the far side of the hole, there is a gigantic Oak tree in the way that makes your second shot very difficult. Have your target hitters 10-20 yards to the front and left of the 150 yard marker, it gives you a great short iron shot into the green. A big hitter can possibly put one on the green here with a good draw, it is a blind shot though so make sure you have a safe ball. A birdie is a must, an eagle would win a skin which has happened before.

Hole #11

This is the start of “The Gauntlet” which is 3 back-to-back-to-back long Par 4’s that do not offer much forgiveness. This hole is the easier of the bunch. The stream running thru the hole is no longer there and it is a long, straight shot to the green. I have seen balls land on it for an eagle putt which would win a skin for sure but walking away with a birdie is nothing to be ashamed of in a scramble. Watch out for greens side left which has a couple of bunkers on it. If the majority of your team can hit their driver straight it is safe to let them all out, otherwise I would suggest a long iron or a 5 wood off the tee until a ball is in play. The fairway slopes a little right to left around the 150 yard marker so if you can land it past that in the fairway you will get the best lie.

Hole #12

This is the longest par 4 on the course and is intimidating from the tee’s, especially from the back. It is long and narrow and I would keep the big stick in the bag until you have a ball at least even with the tree sticking out on the left so you can keep a shot at birdie. A long, straight hitter has a huge advantage here and will get you inside 150 yards. Playing alone I am more than happy with par on this hole and in a scramble it is not a bad score either but a birdie will get your team some serious points.

Hole #13

Considered by some as the hardest hole on the course regardless of what the scorecard says for its handicap. I consider it the best designed hole on the course and it is the only one with fairway bunkers. The entire hole runs uphill so it plays a lot longer. The best shot off the tee is over the right fairway bunker which will put you just past the 150 yard marker for shot at birdie. Any tee shot off the fairway is tough to recover from to maintain par. The green is 2 tiered and if you fall on the wrong tier you are playing for par so pay attention to the little flag on the stick for the pin location. I almost play this hole for bogey playing alone and make up the lost stroke on 15 so a par is a good score and a birdie is huge and will keep your team in the running.

Hole #14

Straight-up downhill par 3 with a huge green and a bunker on the front right. Club down and stick it close for birdie.

Hole #15

Dog-leg left par 5 providing excellent eagle opportunities to gain strokes lost on “The Gauntlet” of #11-#13. Use your “safe” hitters first to get it to the corner with a long iron or wood and then let the big dog eat and try and get around the corner and within 150 yards of the green. A par in a scramble on this hole is a given, a birdie is good, an eagle is great but it still would not win a skin as there are usually multiple eagles on this hole during a tournament.

Hole #16

Straight Par-4. A good drive will get you within 130 yards. Pay attention to where the flag is so you know where to hit your drive, if you don’t you could be hitting over the bunker with not much green to work with in between. This entire green slopes down back to front so you want to be below the hole for your birdie putt.

Hole #17

Our “Signature” Hole. Short par 3 but you better get over the ravine or par is out of the question. Watch the crosswinds over the ravine as they can get pretty hairy once you get over the trees.

Hole #18

The finishing hole is the shortest Par 5 on the course and could probably get away with being a long Par 4 if it wasn’t for the entire hole running uphill. Get your safe shots over the ravine for a shot at par and get your big hitters to bomb it to get inside 200 for an eagle opportunity. Second shots from there should be a layup to the approach and then your big hitters can go for the green but make sure you have one in the approach first. An eagle is a great score but may not win a skin, a birdie is good, a par is a must to keep you in the running for the top 3.

Best Venue for a Scramble Tournament

Saratoga Lake Golf Club is the ideal scramble tournament venue. With our short par 4’s, numerous water hazards, and tight fairways we provide a high risk but very high reward golf course and plenty of holes to make up for lost strokes.

A good golfer can shoot a very low score out here if they are on their game, imagine what a team of 4 can shoot only using the team’s best shots! The lowest score from a scramble so far is -17…that’s a 55!

Below is a hole by hole description of the course providing information on why we are the best tournament venue for a scramble event.