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Patrick Cantlay is the latest target of Eamon Lynch. The Golfweek writer carved Cantlay up in his latest opinion piece on the PGA Tour LIV Golf deal. He did not hold back and gave the player a piece of his mind.

“Patrick Cantlay, who carries himself with the assurance of a man convinced he’d be a partner at Goldman Sachs if he wasn’t merely sporting its logo on his cap, has been trying to rally players against the deal with the Saudis and against members of the tour’s policy board,” Lynch said in his Golfweek article.

Lynch explained how the current PGA Tour incentives wouldn’t benefit a player like Cantlay. He isn’t a fan favorite — many fans criticize Cantlay for his slow play. With him not having a lot of support, the Player Impact Program won’t benefit Cantlay either.

“The only needle he moves is the gas gauge on his car,” Lynch said.

Lynch suggests that Cantlay has romanced LIV Golf for a while, even while he sat on the tour’s policy board. He also points out that players like Cantlay won’t have any leverage over the tour if LIV Golf disappears.

“The logic of Cantlay’s coup d’etat is that if LIV disappears as a threat — a likely occurrence under the deal,” Lynch said. “Then players like him have no options, no leverage over the Tour, and no prospects for the lucrative payday to which they feel entitled.”

A lot of the players are upset about the process of the deal, not the policy of it. Not to mention the lack of details about the agreement doesn’t give players anything specific to dislike.

Eventually, more details on the PGA Tour LIV Golf deal will be disclosed. Until then, it’s a waiting game.

With PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan taking a leave of absence due to a medical situation, the timeline could be even more blurry. Plus, Congressional hearings and Department of Justice investigation might stop the deal entirely.